First Contact

Design stands are made based on the costumer needs and instructions, either in small, medium and large surfaces or in other projects, such as museums, conventions or bussiness events.

After recieving all the information from the costumer we will send the client the 3D computer graphics and the design plans, with no commitment. All our projects are unique and bespoke. Following the first phase, Standesing is commited to make changes at the request of the company in order to meet the costumer needs and to reach the definitive design of the project.

Production and Execution

The project will be assigned to our technicians once it has been approved. They will be in permanent contact with the costumer, supervising every step of the construction project until the “opening day”.

Standesign will create the floor plans, the elevations, the electricity and the final graphic plans. Consequently, Standesign, along 20 partner companies, will carry out the project in keeping with the original idea and design. Carpentry workshops specialized in aluminium and wood, electricians, audiovisual means, painters, locksmiths, graphic production in any format, they all will carry out the project with máximum effectiveness, making sure that the final product meets the original design.